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Our Audio Services

We can clean up audio from any type of digital media files. In the past, we have worked on the following at

  • Business Meetings / Corporate Talks
  • Wedding Videos / Civil Ceremonies
  • Speeches / Gatherings
  • “Action Cameras” / Helmet & Sports Cams (i.e. GoPro, Muvi, etc.)
  • Forensic Evidence Media Enhancement 
  • Old Family Videos
  • CCTV / Surveillance Footage
  • Digital Camera Video Files
  • Family Vacations & Holiday Trips
  • Interviews / Board Reviews
  • Low Quality Smartphone Recordings
  • Vehicle “Black Box” Safety Cameras / “Dash Cams”
  • Old Dictaphone Recordings
  • Birthday Party Recordings
  • Telephone Recordings / Answering Machine Messages
  • Digitized Old Video Files
  • Digitized Old Tape Recordings

    If it’s got audio, it’s probably got problems! See what we can do for you today!

Our on-site engineers use the best combination of industry standard digital audio workstation technology and cutting-edge software to analyse & repair your audio to a superior quality far beyond that of the original file.

On any video file, the sound content is 50% of your whole picture.
Don’t just ignore it, fix it! We can help...

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